Location: Incubator and distribution centers (CEDIS, for its acronym in Spanish) in various regions of the country; Sardinal, Carrillo, Barranca, Nicoya, Limón, Muelle de San Carlos, Pérez Zeledón, Guápiles.

Timespan of our service: From 2011 until today.

Type of Service: Building blueprints, technical documents, development of the civil works and startup process of the wastewater treatment systems of the incubator in Aranjuez (Sardinal) and the CEDIS in Nicoya, Barranca, Muelle de San Carlos, Pérez Zeledón and Limón Operation services for the eight wastewater treatment systems

Type of Technology: Aerobic systems – Conventional activated sludge systems and prefabricated systems.

Water flow: From 100 m3/day to 15 m3/day.