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Solid Waste Managment



We work in projects related to sanitary landfills and other ordinary and special waste management systems (preliminary studies, design, government approval procedures, and technical management). Our company has professional who have been actively involved in the design, operation and management of important sanitary landfill projects in our country. The experience acquired by some of our professionals in the field of waste management, allows us to offer an integral and high quality service in projects related to:

  • Technical evaluation of municipal open dump sites
  • Consulting and advice in the conversion process from open dump sites into mechanized sanitary landfills.
  • Feasibility studies for sanitary landfill projects.
  • Design for Mechanized Sanitary Landfills (building blueprints, design specifications, and operation manuals). The service in this type of projects also includes the design of the required infrastructure for the government’s landfills development approval; which consists of: the configuration of impermeable storage cells, leachate network drains, treatment systems for the drained leachate, rain water withdrawal systems, gas transport networks and burning systems, access sidewalks, weighing stations, loading yards, forecasting studies of the operational growth of the site, and wells for underground water monitoring analysis, among others.
  • Assessment in the operational know-how and the management of municipal open site dumps and landfills (selection of appropriate machinery, compacting and solid waste coverage techniques, operational procedures for the disposal and treatment of solid waste, defining the adequate control indicators for the equipment, control of the compacting densities, weighing procedures, and estimated fees, estimation of the project’s lifespan, volumetric calculations of the coverage materials, operational reports, among others).



Being a building company, we can develop all types of civil works, including the design, blueprint production, as procedures and permits, to the final execution of the project.

It is noteworthy to establish that the services offered in the area of solid waste management, as well as in the construction of civil works, at the moment, are only available in Costa Rica.


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