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Wastewater Treatment


This company specializes in the conception, design, procedures and permits, as well as the construction of industrial and domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems, that have been appointed individually or as a complete service under the turnkey mode; being distinctive because of our ability to master a great variety of technologies, such as:

  1. Aerobic: Conventional activated sludge or activated sludge with extended aeration; with different physical configurations (open systems, covered with slab, basement type, sequential batch reactors –SBR, or prefabricated systems).
  2. Anaerobic: sedimentation digesters, anaerobic filters, UASB reactors, or prefabricated systems
  3. Natural systems: waste stabilization ponds, wetlands, or wastewater gardens
  4. Special systems: for industrial wastewater (microscreens, flocculators, filter press, combined or sequential biological systems, biogas production for energy generation, etc.)



We also work in the evaluation, redesign, and remodeling of existing wastewater treatment plants; always searching for the optimal use of the available infrastructure and equipment in the original systems, in order to adapt them to the new requirements as well as optimizing the investment costs for our customers.


All of these services are available in Costa Rica as well as in Dominican Republic, with exception of the official procedures, construction, and remodeling of the projects, which currently are services that are only offered in Costa Rica.


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