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Wastewater Treatment


PROAMSA specializes in the processes related to commissioning and operation processes of industrial and domestic wastewater, standing out due to the ability to work with a wide range of technologies, among which it is possible to name: Aerobic Systems of conventional type active sludge, extended aeration active sludge, and sequential reactors; Anaerobic Systems such as ascending flow filters, UASB reactors, and prefabricated systems; Natural Systems such as waste stabilization ponds and wetlands; and Special Systems for industrial wastewater.


In order to comply to the requirements and the budget of each particular customer, we have two different levels of service available, being described below; and which are currently provided in Costa Rica as well as in Dominican Republic.



Technical assessment for the operation of Wastewater Treatment Systems, which is achieved through technical monitoring and counseling provided to basic operations and maintenance tasks; by means of periodic visits from our highly qualified engineers in this matter. The service includes training of personnel, data analysis, representation before public entities, execution of operational reports, monitoring chronicles and meetings; among other services, such as support to our customers in activities related to their participation in ecological programs promoted by the government or private organizations, and which are related to the services assumed by PROAMSA



In this level, the service involves our complete responsibility in the operation process of the wastewater Treatment System, as we provide the operation personnel required. This service includes all the features of the technical assessment service described previously; additionally, PROAMSA assigns the operator or operators, who, with guidance from the operation engineer, will perform all the routinely tasks that ensure the correct functioning of the system.


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