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TECNIPLAN is a company focused in the conception, design, and development of construction blueprints, as well as providing technical specifications for civil infrastructure; mainly for those projects related to drinking water, wastewater, and rain water management.

In regards to the field of water for human use, the services include:

  • Calculations required to ensure drinking water availability for a given project.
  • Correct sizing of the water storage tanks, when the projects requires them.
  • Design of the drinking water distribution networks, from the supply point from the institution that provides the water service, to the point which connects every unit requiring the water supply.

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 In regards to wastewater systems:

Our company can design sanitary sewerage systems, including the pipeline system and sizing, inspection wells and preliminary works. Additionally, in the required cases, we are able to design waste water pumping stations.

For projects related to rainwater systems:

We design conventional rainwater drainage systems, including the outline of the pipeline system and the pipeline, the manholes and the head vents. On the other hand, TECNIPLAN also offers less conventional solutions, in which damping structures and infiltration fields, among others, are required.


Moreover, in projects regarding wastewater treatment systems that may require it, TECNIPLAN is able to provide blueprints with entire solutions related to the design of earth moving works, access areas (including alignments and pavement design), rainwater drainage systems and external lighting systems.


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