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What Sets us Apart

What sets GRUPO PROAMSA apart from other companies in the field is:

  • The company’s great sense of responsibility towards the customer and the environment, acting with integrity and following the principles of professional ethics.


  • The possibility of providing an integral service in the wastewater treatment field, including the development of recollection and conduction civil works, as well as the evaluation, design, construction, and operation of the treatment systems.


  • Excellent customer service, which translates into:
  1. Personalized service, adjusted to the requirements of each project, always proposing the best solution for each particular case
  2. Effective and high quality technical support
  3. Great service and timely response
  4. Fair price for the services provided


  • Multidisciplinary consulting team. Most of the members of our organization are professionals specialized in the field. The corporate group has a large team of professionals from different areas: environmental engineers, biotechnologists, civil and construction engineers; many of them with master’s degrees in sanitary or environmental engineering, environmental management, project management or public health.


  • Ability to manage various treatment technologies; including aerobic, anaerobic, chemical, and natural technologies, pre-built systems, as well as systems built on site to treat domestic or industrial wastewaters.


  • Professionals with 24 years of experience in wastewater treatment.


  • Effective consultancy in order to ensure an excellent relationship between the customer and the public and local government institutions.



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